Ms. Stogner's Newsletter #:

Hi Parents,

As we end another year, I would like to thank you for your support and kindness that our family has received from each of you. We have been very blessed to have a very good year and plan for another successful year in 2016-2017. We are attaching a new calendar for the main holidays and beginning of the school year on the back of this letter. Please keep this for your information as we move into the summer months.

We would like to have your input on anything our school can do to improve for next year. Please go to our web site and click on my picture and email your suggestions when you have a moment. I would love to even hear from you personally if you wish to visit in the summer months with me. Cell 985-373-4380

A special thank you to our third grade students for a great job in leading the school and for a great job on their test. We will be visiting Abita Middle School on the 9th of May so they may become familiar with the school and the campus. We will miss them and wish the best for each of them as they enter their new family.

Thank you again and see you on Back to School night on August 4th



Ms. Stogner, Principal