Ms. Stogner's Newsletter #:

Parents and family members,
I can’t believe that we are in the stretch to the end of the year. This has been a wonderful year with our students and our campus. We are very blessed with a great staff along with the most wonderful families an administrator could possibly find. I just want to thank each of you for being part of my world and our family at ASE.

There is a few items I need your support to ensure our student’s instructional time is protected for learning. Please call the office with any need of support to do any of the following things or drop by to talk to me with any concerns you may feel need addressing.

1) Please pay all lunch money, field trips, fees, and etc. on . This will support our need to keep from having teacher’s counting money during student instructional time. If you need your child’s ID number, call Mrs. Julia Buras (bookkeeper) and have her look that number up for you.

2) Please remember to drop your child off in car line or have them ride the bus, in the morning to avoid checking in late and having to walk your child to class. If you do check in late with your child, please drop your child at the hallway of their grade level and do not interrupt the class. Teachers are teaching and need to protect that important learning time for your child. (Remember that we must keep classrooms doors locked per school board)

3) Changing your child’s transportation is very confusing for them and for our staff. We need to limit these changes to emergencies only if possible. Email your child’s teacher any changes so it will be legally documented.

4) Many parents view a call home for sickness or when a child experiences a fall/injury in different manners. If a child has fever, vomiting, or has a sick stomach, we will automatically call home for them to be picked up. If none of these are the case we will usually try to encourage them to make it through the day. If a child is injured in any way that we feel they may need you to evaluate them, we will call and give you the option to come and check on them or take them home for observation. On all other occasions, we will notify you if we feel there is a need, otherwise we will check on them and continue their day as normal.

Please feel free to call me with any questions/concerns you may wish to address. Remember that it is our job to protect instructional time for all students. Limiting teacher interruptions and student movement outside the classroom will ensure that we maximize your child’s education.

Thank you for your support with these needs, Rebecca Stogner, Principal