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Positive Behavior Intervention System

ASE implements the “Bee Philosophy.” This program is based upon children choosing to have a “positive attitude” and using this choice to adhere to needed rules and regulations. Children will receive feedback on a daily basis based upon their choices. Daily discussions on decision making skills will be implemented into the schedule of every classroom. School-wide expectations are: Be Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Safe Student Recognition.

Student Recognition 
Daily- Buzz Words – verbal praise 100 Compliments – whole class reward Classroom Plan

Weekly- Fabulous Friday (15 min) – meeting all expectations for the week

Monthly- Character Award – 1 per class based on Character Word of the Month

Quarterly- BEEhavior Bash – no office referrals, meets expectations in the classroom
                    RAKE Award – Random Acts of Kindness Every day

We have intervention practices in place that provide opportunities for students to change inappropriate behaviors to appropriate behavior and ask parents to support us in helping your child find replacement, appropriate behaviors. We will not tolerate fighting, disrespect for others, bullying, obscene language, or destruction of property.